...alone whilst together, dragging themselves through routine, social engagements, and independent self-fury, burdened by the ghosts of success, expectation and hunger. How could a past interrupted by misfortune and guilt find peace with a future prevented by dissatisfaction and greed? Underneath the tailored wool, leather and pearls, two anonymous souls desperate for acknowledgement slip by unnoticed and unheard - intertwining and colliding, losing a battle against their perverse replicas.

Are they cursed? Figments of each other's imagination? They swing at their fate and continue to miss while their bodies represent impossibility. When a mysterious but familiar stranger delivers the final blow with a piece of unavoidable news, it is likely the pair will do the only thing they know how: bury themselves under ambitions and regret...and it might not be quite so pretty. 

Gregory & Priscilla EXIST... 



 PROMINENCE & GLORY IS A COLLABORATION BETWEEN KIRSTEN WICKLUND AND PETER SMIDA That brings Choreography, storytelling, and experimental design into play.